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What are the income requirements for a UK Fiance Visa?

The UK Fiancé visa falls under the Family Visa category and is ideal for those who wish to join their British partner in the UK.

It is important to note that this visa route is specifically for those who are planning to marry their British partner, as you must be married within a strict timeframe upon your arrival to the UK.

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    What is the UK Fiancé Visa?

    If you would like to move to the UK to be with your partner who is either a British citizen or has UK settled status, the Fiancé visa may be ideal for you. There are a number of visas under the UK’s Family Visa category which aim to help unite families, including the Fiancé visa, the Spouse visa, and the Unmarried Partner visa.

    You may be wondering what the differences are between each visa and which one is most suited to you and your circumstances. The Fiancé visa is specifically for those who are engaged to be married to their partner who is either British or settled in the UK. With this visa route, there are strict guidelines regarding when you must marry your partner.

    In order to ensure that you will not breach the conditions of this immigration permission, it is important to make sure that you meet all the necessary requirements and have clear plans to marry your partner within 6 months of you arriving in the UK.

    What are the main requirements of the Fiancé Visa?

    To qualify for the Fiance(e) visa UK, you must meet a number of essential requirements. It is often highly advisable that you seek the expertise of a qualified immigration lawyer who can assess your eligibility before proceeding with your application.

    This can save both time and money in the long run. However, to get a rough idea of whether you may be eligible for this visa, the key requirements are as follows:

    • Both you and your partner must be aged 18 years or over;
    • You must intend to marry within 6 months of your arrival in the UK;
    • You can prove that any past relationships have broken down permanently
    • You must be able to prove that your relationship is sincere (this includes providing evidence that you have met in person)
    • Your partner (who acts as your sponsor) must be a British citizen or living with Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK
    • You and your partner are both legally free to marry, and your marriage would be lawful
    • You have suitable accommodation arranged for you and your partner to live in together permanently, along with any dependents
    • You meet the English language requirement
    • You meet the financial requirement (this proves that you will not rely on public funds throughout the duration of your stay in the UK)

    It is crucial to note that the Fiance visa only grants limited leave to remain in the UK, and will expire after six months. Many people go on to switch to a Spouse visa once they have married their British partner.

    How do I meet the financial requirement?

    To meet the Fiance Visa’s financial requirement, you will need to prove that you can live in the UK without recourse to public funds. This means providing evidence within your Fiance visa application that you are able to support yourself financially.

    To do this, your partner must earn an annual income of at least £38,700 (which will be the eventual final threshold after it increases in increments throughout 2024). You may also be able to use savings over £16,000 or claim exceptional circumstances to meet the requirement.

    From Spring 2024, you will no longer need additional money to bring children with you on a Fiance visa.

    How much does the Fiancé Visa cost?

    When applying for this visa, you must make a payment to the Home Office for processing the application. If you are applying from outside the UK, the application fee is £1,538 (as of February 2023). It can take around 12 weeks for your visa application to be processed, so you should bear this in mind when preparing to submit it and when planning your marriage.

    Applications may take longer to process if you do not provide the sufficient supporting documents or prove that you qualify for this visa. For this reason it is advisable that you work with an experienced immigration solicitor who can prepare your application and submit this on your behalf, along with a letter of representation which will outline the strengths of your personal case.

    You will only be granted a stay of 6 months under this visa, however you can apply to switch to the Spouse visa once you have married your British partner.

    Our dedicated immigration experts frequently deal with Fiance visa applications and have a proven track record of success. To enquire and find out more about how we can help you or your partner, contact us today on 0333 305 9375.




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