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How to prepare for your Fiance visa interview

If you are hoping to move to the UK to marry or enter into a civil partnership on a Fiance visa, you may be called to a Fiance visa interview by the Home Office. While this might be a stressful prospect, with the right preparation you and your partner will feel at ease.

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    Why would I be called to a Fiance Visa interview?

    While no reason to panic and give up on the process entirely, being called to an interview does mean there may be some doubts about your application on the part of the Home Office. The UKVI, or Immigration Department, is very cautious about their partner visa process being used by people who are not in genuine relationships and hoping to marry.

    Both you and your partner could be called to interview with an Entry Clearance Officer. This is because your partner will act as your “sponsor” for your visa claim, and the Home Office may want to interview you both about your relationship.


    Reasons for the interview could include:

    • Your previous immigration or travel history 
    • The lack of contact between you and your partner 
    • Age or culture differences 
    • The length of your relationship or not having met your partner before in person


    What documents will I need?

    In most cases, applicants are called to Fiance or other partner visa interviews, such as Spouse visas, because they did not provide enough supporting documents or there are errors in the documentation. It is incredibly important to provide up to date and full documentation to send alongside your application to support it.

    This should include:

    • Your passport and/or travel documentation that’s valid
    • Proof that you intend to marry or enter a civil partnership
    • A valid certificate from passing an English Language test at A1 level
    • Evidence that you have available accommodation in the UK
    • Proof that your partner is a British citizen or settled person
    • Proof that your relationship is genuine
    • Proof that you meet the financial requirement


    Documents to prove a ‘genuine relationship’ 

    It can feel a little frustrating to feel your relationship is being disbelieved by the Home Office. This route can be used to bring partners to the UK through ‘sham marriages’ or partnerships just to get to the UK that aren’t actually genuine. Therefore it’s really important to provide as much information as possible.

    The Home Office will want to see evidence that you and your partner have formed a marital and/or financial union, including living together, for at least two years. Therefore some examples of supporting evidence could be:

    • Joint mortgage or tenancy agreement 
    • Travel documents showing you’ve visited each other before 
    • Conversation logs (texts, Skype etc) 
    • Photographs of you together 
    • Proof of a shared bank account


    Financial requirement of a Fiance visa 

    A Fiance visa holder cannot access government benefits support in the UK. Therefore you must prove you have enough money to support yourself without public funds. To do so you could provide bank statements, payslips or other official documentation. Your must reach the minimum income requirement of £38,700 a year (this figure will be the eventual final threshold after raising in increments throughout 2024).

    Most importantly for your Fiance visa interview, you must make sure you know and understand which documents are being sent to the Home Office. The evidence you provide must match up to your answers to the interview questions.


    The interview process 

    Though it is important not to be too worried about the visa interview, you shouldn’t underestimate its importance. You will be asked to attend an embassy or consulate and it is important to arrive with enough time before your appointment. Being late will usually lead to cancellation of the appointment. Ensure you are dressed appropriately and smartly. The appointment could take as little as 20 minutes if it is relatively straight forward, however there is no maximum time for an interview to take.

    Try not to skip questions and always answer truthfully and politely. Remember, this is the first impression the Entry Clearance Officers will have of you and making a good one is important. Stay calm and listen to each question as it is asked. If the interviewer says something you disagree with, be sure not to argue with the official but rather calmly offer your explanation to put them on the right course. It is understandable you may feel upset or angry that your relationship or yourself are being questioned, but try to remember the official you meet is just trying to professionally carry out their job.


    What questions might be asked? 

    It’s important to prepare for the kinds of questions that might get posed, especially in an environment where you may be nervous. Some types of question that could get asked might be:

    • When and how did you meet?
    • What are your partner’s hobbies?
    • What do you have in common?
    • How have you kept in contact/how do you communicate?

    If you have social media profiles, you may also be questioned on the content that is publicly available and your personal information you have shared.

    Your partner will not be allowed to accompany you to the interview. Therefore knowing beforehand what the questions might be can help you feel more prepared and master the interview.

    If you have any additional document evidence to provide, you should also bring those with you to fill any gaps in support of your application.

    A Fiance visa interview can be a daunting prospect, but by getting immigration advice from a licensed professional solicitor, you can have someone helping you prepare and practicing the questions you might receive.

    To avoid having to attend an interview in the first place, it is recommended that you seek professional immigration advice. Our immigration advisors can help you put together an incredibly strong visa application, with all the supporting document evidence you need. IAS can offer you support remotely to ensure you make your application well before you intend to travel.

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